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SurgicalWatch helps consumers affected by defective medical devices


Helping consumers affected by defective medical devices is dedicated to bringing consumers all the latest news regarding potentially defective medical devices.  At you will find the most current information on device recalls, FDA safety communications and warnings, and lawsuits against the makers of these products.

New medical devices are regularly introduced to the marketplace, many with minimal testing due to a convenient FDA loophole that allows for expedited clearance. Under the rule, products are evaluated based on a standard of substantial equivalence to devices already in wide commercial distribution. Though the process is efficient and often effective, it can also serve to perpetuate the distribution of defective products.

Adverse event reports filed in response to medical devices raise red flags for the FDA, the device manufacturers, as well as consumer groups and patients. With heightened scrutiny comes safety announcements, warnings, and in some cases- device recalls. Whether the recalls are voluntarily initiated by the pharmaceutical companies or mandated by the FDA, patients who have the recalled devices already implanted usually have grounds to file a lawsuit.

Currently, thousands of cases are pending all over the country with regard to all kinds of medical devices ranging from hip and knee replacements to transvaginal mesh implants and bone grafts. Plaintiffs maintain that their pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses are the responsibility of the manufacturers whose interests were never in line with the needs of their buyers. Their lawsuits commonly allege failure to warn of the known defects, negligence, breach of warranties, and strict product liability. believes consumers should be informed about which medical devices and which manufacturers are identified in these lawsuits, and so provide up to the minute information on these lawsuits as they progress through the court system.

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Editorial Staff

David Eisbrouch

Eisbrouch Marsh, LLC

David Eisbrouch, founder and senior partner of Eisbrouch Marsh, LLC is a leading mass tort litigator on the national stage. He counts the precedent setting Vioxx and Avandia setlements among his most significant achievements in the area of pharmaceutical litigation. Mr. Eisbrouch has been in practice for over 25 years.

Sarah Klein

Senior Editor

Sarah Klein is proud to launch Surgical Watch. As a former litigator, Managing Editor and sometimes-content contributor, she is a passionate advocate for patient safety and consumer rights. By exposing the legal issues surrounding trusted medical devices, she hopes to prevent others from sustaining similar injuries.

Ryan Green

Senior Editor

Ryan Green is the senior editor for Surgical Watch and regular writing contributor. His long writing career has run the gamut of topics from business to science, art exhibit reviews to television think pieces. He writes regularly about ethical and legal issues in the pharmaceutical industry while managing writer content schedule and assignments.

Ava Lawson

Senior Writer

Ava Lawson holds a Bachelor degree in Political Science and has been an editor and freelance writer for various print and online publications since 2006. Her writing specialties include legal, medical and consumer safety topics in addition to health and wellness issues. She is currently focused on reporting breaking news on recent pharmaceutical litigation.

Jenn Fusion


Jenn Fusion is a prolific writer who has written extensively on all matters from transvaginal mesh and Mirena IUD lawsuits, to hip replacements and robot surgeries that ended badly. Armed with a B.A. in Journalism and more than 10 years of full-time professional writing experience, she writes not only on legal matters, but also in other creative capacities.

Sarah May


Sarah May has more than a decade of experience as a practicing attorney and has recently turned her attention to developing content on a range of legal topics for Surgical Watch. Her primary interest areas include reporting on new FDA warnings, surgical device litigation and developments in the law affecting the way consumers can hold manufacturers liable for placing dangerous products on the market.

Stephanie Reid


Stephanie Reid is an attorney practicing in two states, as well as a dedicated legal writer with a passion for raising awareness of medical malpractice issues. In her position as a staff writer for Surgical Watch, she focuses on cases involving defective medical devices, recalls and emerging class actions.

Jacky Gale


A graduate of Skidmore College, Jacky has an abiding interest in the healthcare industry in general and consumer safety in particular. She has written extensively on the importance of patients becoming self-advocates by learning of the risks involved with various surgical procedures and products. Jacky is thrilled to join Surgical Watch, where she hopes to raise awareness about women’s health issues and joint replacement surgeries.

Whitney Taylor


Whitney Taylor’s journalism degree has allowed her to work for various print and online publications since beginning her professional career in 2004. At Surgical Watch, she has been able to use her training to advocate for issues of concern to women. Primary topics of interest include the dangerous side effects of SSRIs, oral contraceptives and intrauterine devices.

Laura Woods


Laura holds degrees from both the University of Pittsburgh and Robert Morris University. As a journalist with Surgical Watch, she has written extensively on consumer rights and defective medical device issues.

Dawn Snyder


After 10 years as a practicing litigator, Dawn Snyder has shifted her attention to writing about the practice from a new perspective. Her focus is primarily on issues within the pharmaceutical industry and resulting litigation.

Katarina Siegfeld


Katarina Siegfeld has worked for many years in the arts and academia. Her passion is for clear writing, communication, and contextualization of issues related to medical devices and safe surgical practices. She brings to her legal and medical writing a concern for the just outcome of legal conflicts, integrity in the medical field, and accurate research and writing.