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Stephanie Reid

Stephanie Reid is a full-time attorney and legal advocate, as well as an experienced legal writer dedicated to educating victims of medical malpractice, helping to expose the many dangers of medical devices and possible causes of action.

Second Group of Mirena IUD Lawsuits Ordered to Trial

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The Mirena inter-uterine device (IUD) is considered one of the best-selling birth control methods of its type. However, the device is not without complications, and thousands of women across the United States have raised claims against manufacturer Bayer Healthcare for failure to warn them of known, undisclosed risks. Accordingly, the... Read more »

Da Vinci Robot Lawsuit Filed in Kentucky District Court

Today we can barely imagine an invasive surgery without the constant presence of electronic monitors and patient sensors – all designed to ensure the anesthetized patient remains safely under sedation during the procedure. While technological advancements in the medical field are undoubtedly a much-needed and welcome evolution in many contexts, the... Read more »

Biomet Hip Lawsuit Filed in Indiana District Court

Over the past several years, the Biomet ball-and-socket hip replacement system has drawn increasing scrutiny from patients, physicians, medical professionals, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Namely, the M2A Magnum Hip Replacement System and the MoM Total Hip Arthroscopy System have come under fire for allegedly cause severe pain,... Read more »