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Concerns Raised About Possible Autonomous Robot Surgery

Robot-assisted surgery has grown increasingly popular. The da Vinci surgical platforms, designed and manufactured by Intuitive Surgical, have been added to surgical suites around the country. But with the increasing prevalence of robotic surgery comes a rise in litigation that alleges serious risks associated with this medical technique. Despite the... Read more »

Concerns Raised Regarding Robotic Surgery Safety

When it first entered the medical marketplace, robotic surgery was widely hailed as being the next frontier in medical technology. Proponents argued that this innovative approach to performing laparoscopic procedures would reduce the risk of complications to the patient, speed up recovery time, and even reduce post-surgical pain (which would... Read more »

Study Highlights da Vinci Robot Surgery Complications

A research team has discovered that da Vinci robot surgery complications caused 144 patient deaths, 1,391 patient injuries and 8,061 device malfunctions from January 2000 to December 2013. The number of injuries and deaths per procedure have remained relatively constant since 2007. Surgical specialties where robots are frequently used, including... Read more »

Da Vinci Robot Lawsuit Filed in Kentucky District Court

Today we can barely imagine an invasive surgery without the constant presence of electronic monitors and patient sensors – all designed to ensure the anesthetized patient remains safely under sedation during the procedure. While technological advancements in the medical field are undoubtedly a much-needed and welcome evolution in many contexts, the... Read more »

Da Vinci Class Action Lawsuit Demands $5 Million

  With the recent filing of a class action lawsuit, a group of plaintiffs is demanding compensation in excess of $5 million for medical complications allegedly related to the da Vinci robot surgery system. They claim that the defendants, Intuitive Surgical, Inc., engaged in false and deceptive advertising practices by... Read more »

Study Examines Robot Surgery Complications and Cost

Hospitals across the country advertise their high-tech (and expensive) medical robots as a safer and more effective way to perform surgical procedures. But researchers from Columbia University recently examined the costs and payoffs of robotic surgery – like da Vinci robot hysterectomy, ovarian cyst removal, and a host of other... Read more »

Tennessee Woman Files Da Vinci Robot Surgery Lawsuit

Intuitive Surgical is facing a new da Vinci robot surgery lawsuit in California district court. The plaintiff, a Tennessee resident, argues that the defendant’s robotic device caused her to suffer an anastomic leak and rectovaginal fistula during her gynecological surgery. Due to the alleged complications and ongoing pain from her... Read more »