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New Studies Confirm Morcellator Hysterectomy Risks

The power morcellator is a small surgical tool commonly employed in routine gynecological procedures such as fibroid tumor removal (myomectomy) and hysterectomies. Used in laparoscopic or key-hole surgeries, the instrument enables surgeons to break down tissue, allowing for easy extraction and a faster recovery. Recent studies on power morcellation during gynecological... Read more »

Da Vinci Class Action Lawsuit Demands $5 Million

  With the recent filing of a class action lawsuit, a group of plaintiffs is demanding compensation in excess of $5 million for medical complications allegedly related to the da Vinci robot surgery system. They claim that the defendants, Intuitive Surgical, Inc., engaged in false and deceptive advertising practices by... Read more »

Researchers Confirm Morcellation May Spread Cancer

Researchers from Kaiser Permanente have confirmed there is no way for doctors to spot uterine sarcoma before performing a laparoscopic hysterectomy or myomectomy with morcellation. As a result, morcellation may spread cancer throughout the abdomen. On December 11, the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology published the report examining the... Read more »

Morcellation with Hysterectomy May Spread More Than Cancer

Johns Hopkins researchers recently published information that may increase the number of women who experience complications from morcellation with hysterectomy procedures. The January issue of Obstetrics and & Gynecology details the accounts of three women who submitted to laparoscopic hysterectomy morcellation, ultimately resulting in benign uterine diseases rather than having... Read more »

Power Morcellation Ban Starts in U.S. Hospitals

Each year, about 100,000 women undergo surgical procedures to remove uterine fibroids in U.S. health care facilities. It is estimated that one in 350 removal procedures using power morcellators results in the spread of undetected cancer throughout the body. A power morcellator is a device that uses a fast-spinning blade... Read more »